Vibroacoustic lodge

The vibroacoustic lodge is a double room that is completely soundproof and can hermetically block out over 100 decibels. This lodge is located inside a third room to stop any sound leak. It is therefore possible to scream and cry in complete confidentiality.

 Surface & oreiller NB2

The picture here above shows the device that generates vibroacoustic stimulation. It is a suspended vibrating surface surrounded by four loudspeaker enclosures. The sound intensity is about 80 to 85 decibels. Sensors monitor the sound intensity and the vibration rate. The client can adjust the volume according to his or her own sensitivity and a call button is easily accessible. 

Personalised stimulation is determined during a psychophysiological evaluation done by a professional. This evaluation identifies the characteristics of the soundtracks that will be composed for the client. A session lasts about forty minutes and can be adapted to particular needs.

Cahier de thérapie (Julie)

At the end of a session, the guest heads to a recovery room that is also soundproof. He or she takes time to relax and write about what happened during the session in his therapy notebook. This is a very important moment, especially following an intense and liberating session.  

Generally, the sessions have to be frequent (four to five times a week). It is preferable to stop the sessions completely and then carry on with the intensive procedure later rather than only doing one or two sessions per week. This being said, certain individuals, for different reasons, may need to reduce the frequency or adapt it according to the treating professional’s recommendations.