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The duration of psychotherapy varies greatly from one individual to another. The accumulated defining experiences have an influence on the intensity of the memories and therefore the length of the process. The rental of our vibroacoustic lodge can be adapted to individual needs thanks to the different packages available.

Trial package: $299 *

This package includes one meeting and five sessions that must be done within a week. It gives you the opportunity to explore the effects of the vibroacoustic lodge before committing to further treatments.

Evaluation package: $699*

This package is a full evaluation. It includes a meeting, an evaluation based on a questionnaire, a posture measure, two physiological reactivity tests, five vibroacoustic sessions and access to an online course. One of its main goals is to gather the information required for the composition of personalised soundtracks.

One single session: $60*

One session at a time, no commitment.

10 sessions: $540*

Give yourself a reasonable chance to live the vibroacoustic lodge experience. Often, with 10 sessions, many manifestations emerge and this enables you to learn more about the type of upcoming experiences.

25 sessions: $1250*

Within 25 sessions, you will start to clearly understand the source of certain prototypical charges. This should be sufficient to help you make a decision regarding an extended commitment.

50 sessions: $2250*

This is the most interesting package for those who want a long term commitment. Its sole objective is to allow you to achieve your goals at a lower cost.

Please note that the fees and packages are subject to change without notice.

*Taxes not included


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