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The vibroacoustic lodge is a tool that emphasizes intensive and in-depth approaches. Such a procedure requires a strong dose of motivation and you should generally expect an intensive schedule of sessions (4 to 5 times a week).

Beyond the sessions, you will be active in your introspection process, because you will have to write in your therapy notebook, follow the online course modules and meet with your psychologist. It is an active and metacognitive process that is dynamic and requires a certain level of availability.  

You deserve interior liberation and you need to take matters in your own hands. Our mission is to give you the resources you need to achieve it. Be free, be yourself, at last.

What are your needs?

In order to help you identify your needs, here are many reasons to justify the use of the vibroacoustic lodge.

Short term: When we are confronted with a mental block and need help, it is possible to use the lodge for a short period of time. The lodge is simply a tool that can fulfill punctual and pertinent needs. 

Feeling good: Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. A long term process greatly diminishes causes and existential difficulties.

Psychosomatic disorders: The relationship between body and mind is very important in the field of medicine. Many diseases could come from psychological sources. The liberation of psychological charges can help relieve many of these symptoms.

Personal growth: Some individuals have chosen to dedicate their life to personal growth. The liberation of psychological trauma is an unavoidable element of the evolution in the perspective of personal growth.   

Getting old while staying healthy: If there is a relation between body and mind, there is no doubt that, as we get old, that relation becomes even more important. We all want to stay healthy as we get older. To make our last few decades active and enjoyable, it is desirable to invest in liberation at a younger age.

Consciousness: Freeing ourselves from our interior chains has a direct effect on our level of consciousness. We become calmer, our self-image and perception of life are modified and open up even more. According to some, as the liberation deepens, our consciousness level becomes greater.

Spirituality: Deep liberation also has a direct impact on our spirituality. As the sessions accumulate, our perception and understanding of superior energies can gradually improve. Certain individuals can live very deep mystical experiences that change their lives.

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