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Vibroacoustic stimulation is a real scientific instrument of which the sound intensity, the vibrating energy and the frequencies can be adjusted and personalised according to your psychophysiological evaluation. Additionally, the vibrations are perceived by the different mechanoreceptors inside your body and penetrate the deep structures of your brain. This is how we can access your unconscious mind through the back door. 

When vibroacoustic stimulation combines auditory and somatosensorial systems simultaneously, it produces activation in the different cerebral regions. This affirmation rests on the fact that during the sessions, people can experience reliving that are linked to different regions of the brain. These activations can be visual, physical, auditory, olfactory, emotional, motor, physiological, etc. This instrument combines cerebral stimulation techniques that have emerged during the last decades.

This section presents pertinent research in the field of cerebral stimulation. However, this material is only presented as something to reflect on. We do not establish any links between vibroacoustic stimulation and the research presented here, and we do not pretend to utilise any similar mechanism of action.

Vibroacoustic Stimulation

Vibroacoustic stimulation has been studied for relaxation and pain reduction. So far, no research has been done regarding psychotherapy. The research does, however, present the benefits of this technology.

Cerebral Atrophy

Neuroimaging allows us to finally see the inside of living individuals’ brains. Important atrophy can be observed in localised regions of the brain that can be related to psychopathologies. One can wonder if there is a link between prototypical charge and cerebral atrophy.

Cerebral Stimulation by Electrode       

Very little research has been done on direct cerebral stimulation, mostly because of ethical reasons. However, the existing research deserves to be presented.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation allows the activation of specific regions of the brain, especially at the cortical level. Research in this field is increasing and some of the results provide precious information regarding learning skills.

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