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Welcome to the Québec Vibroacoustic Stimulation Center (VASC).  Are you living a personal growth progression, undergoing psychotherapy, looking for help with psychosomatic difficulties or looking for a spiritual path? Our center offers access to a vibroacoustic lodge, a new tool that gives you the power to reach deep parts of your subconscious mind and relive prototypical charges associated with the defining experiences of your childhood.

This lodge is neither an approach nor psychotherapy. Therefore, its use must be integrated to a process that is supervised by a psychologist, a psychotherapist or other health professionals. The lodge is a complementary tool that can be integrated to their practice in which the objective is to achieve inner freedom.

Initially, the stimulation sessions can take the shape of visions, flashes, emotions, motor movements, diffuse or localised pain, etc.  Carrying on with the sessions will allow to add depth to the first manifestations and to go deeper and deeper towards the original prototypical source.

The pace and duration of the sessions are determined by the client and his or her health professional. Online training is also available to help with the process.

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